From: "Lavern Castillo"
Reply-To:"Lavern Castillo"
Subject: FWD:Alprazolam.m Ambien.nn Valium.m Xanax.x ab j hjt ssal z

The real_thing, not like
the other sites that imitate these products.

No hidd.en char.ges - Fast Delivery

*Vic.odin *Val.ium *

*Via.gra *Diaz.epam *Alpra.zolam

* *Fior.icet *Amb.ien

*Stil.nox *Ult.ram *

*Clon.azepam *At.ivan *Tr.amadol

* *Cele.brex *Vi.oxx

*Pro.zac *Bus.par Much M.ore....

If you have recieved this in error
please use

H.i th.ere Lav.ern,
Ho.w yo.u a.ll th.ese pr.od.ucts I'm y.ou ar.e Th.ank y.ou fo.r th.em m.e.
D.o y.ou h.ave an.y o.r pl.astic exp.losi.ves a.s we.ll? en.ough t.o blo.w yo.u t.o. smi.ther.eens?
I wou.ld b.e gr.atef.ul.
T.he We.ird

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